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Sun Valley Animal Shelter

7150 N. 110th Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85307

Adoption Policy

If you see an animal you are interested in then we ask you come down to the shelter to fill out an application which gives the Adoption Counselor an idea of your home and what you are looking for. We try our best to get to know the animals traits, good or bad, so we can match make and find the perfect animal for you. We do not answer questions over the phone or on email about a specific animal, we rather have a more personal meet and greet with you to hear all of your concerns and wants. Our goal is to make sure that the animal has found its forever home and it does not have to go from home to home anymore. While the biggest goal is to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting and are 100% ready to have a wonderful life with your new family member.

*As our match-making process can differ based on the needs of the animal, we cannot guarantee a same day adoption.*

*Some animals may be considered "Accepting Applicants", meaning you will not be able to take the pet home that same day. Applications will be reviewed within the next few weeks and the shelter will call back any prospective adopters.*

We are looking forward to working with you. Please be advised we only adopt to AZ residents. We make a commitment to all of our animals. So while we appreciate your interest, we ask that you be a local resident to adopt. We do not always know the full background of each animal and sometimes personalities are not fully shown until a few days in the home. If for whatever reason you cannot keep the animal, we appreciate the animal being returned to our facility. It is costly and time consuming to return an animal from out of state. Please check your local animal shelter to find a forever friend near your area.

  • day hours
    Monday Closed
    Tuesday 11-4 *Adoptions stop 3:00
    Wednesday 11-4 *Adoptions stop 3:00
    Thursday 11-4 *Adoptions stop 3:00
    Friday 11-4 *Adoptions stop 3:00
    Saturday 11-4 *Adoptions stop 3:00
    Sunday 11-4 *Adoptions stop 3:00

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