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Our Mission

To assist pet parents in providing the best possible care for their animal charges, through education, pet training, and appropriate re-homing when necessary.

Adoption Policy

By virtue of many adoption placements, we have found that the following process tends to bring best results for the adoptable dog:

1) Inquiry received from Potential Adopter(s); Furever phone call to screen applicant; if a match seems possible; Furever Pet Care sends a formal Adoption Application
2) Potential Adopter completes Application and returns
3) Furever checks references from application
4) Furever completes home visit (with Applicant agreement)
5) If that's all good and Applicant(s) are still available / interested, they meet the dog
6) We assess all applicants at this stage, and determine the best placement for the dog. NOTE: completing the process does not guarantee the dog will be placed with that family.
7) When a suitable family is chosen by Furever Pet Care, the dog is placed on a two week foster-to-adopt basis; non-refundable adoption fee payable at this time.
8) If that period goes well, we sign ownership papers and process is complete; If it does not go well, the dog returns to Furever Pet Care.

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