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Paramore Pup 1: Joey, an adoptable Hound Mix in Decatur, GA

Paramore Pup 1: Joey Hound Mix Decatur, GA

  • Puppy
  • Male
  • Large


Good in a home with
Other dogs, children.

Meet Paramore Pup 1: Joey

Joey is available through our Economy, Express, or Ultimate adoption programs. He is available at our Decatur, Ga location!

Size: 15-20 Lbs (still growing!)

DOB: December 2019 (about 11 weeks old)

Health: Has been treated for Parvo. All clear now!

Behavior: Friendly

Playfulness: Very!

Affectionate: Yes

Calm: When played out, yes!

High Energy: Can be

Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: Unknown

Toddler/Baby Appropriate: Unknown

Child Appropriate: Yes

Fetches: Willing to learn!

Swims: Unknown


Hi friends my name is Joey and i'm here at iWag in Decatur, Georgia! My two siblings and I had to battle Parvo when we were first rescued. It was NOT fun but the awesome vet staff sure did take care of us! Now that i'm all cleared, i'm ready to find a home of my own! I want a home where we can play with lots of toys and have lots of treats! I'm going to grow into a big boy but i'd love to be in your lap for as long as I can! Come meet me! I'll be waiting for you!


For almost 20 years, we have worked with owners and dogs with training and rehabilitation. We bring these skills to our rescue program to help you and/or your family find the perfect new dog that fits your lifestyle, activity level, home environment and personality. We pride ourselves on working closely with you to not only find the perfect dog, but to provide service and care for you and your new companion after adoption.

Whether you are looking for a new puppy, a laid back senior dog or a well-behaved adult dog, we have you covered! We even have you covered if you can find it in your heart to open your home to a special needs dog that may require a little extra TLC.

Our dogs are trained, socialized and ready to love your family. They have lived at our home-based boarding, training and rescue facility where we have worked to fully assess them so that we can help you make a perfect match with your new companion.

We offer adoption programs that include formal training and we do several private lessons with adopters prior to adoption so that you and your new dog can learn to work together and, equally or more importantly, bond prior to going home.

We also offer special placements for dogs who are less adoptable due to age, health or medical requirements or behavioral issues aren't responsive to training but can be managed in the proper home. We place these dogs on a case by case basis.

discounted boarding for life, full vaccinations, spay or neuter, parasite free, current on parasite prevention, microchipped. Lifetime counseling for anything you need related to your adopted dog.

private lessons prior to going home, unlimited private lessons for life, a remote collar



In the event of multiple approved applications on any given dog, preference is given to applicants who select a training program.
Because we want each of our dogs and their families to be safe and happy together. We want to know that if a leash slips off, or someone leaves a door open, or a squirrel comes by that your dog will not run off and get hurt, lost or worse. The goal of our program is peace of mind for the families that adopt our dogs and a happy, active life for our dogs with their families.

SAVE $1099!

Includes our 28 Day OFF LEASH ULTIMATE TRAINING program

Training program normally priced at $1749; includes 20% off boarding for life, private lessons for life, 24/7 support, remote training collar - READ MORE ABOUT THIS TRAINING PROGRAM

SAVE $649!

Includes our 14 Day OFF LEASH EXPRESS TRAINING program

Training program normally priced $999; includes 20% off boarding for life, private lessons for life, 24/7 support, remote training collar) - READ MORE ABOUT THIS TRAINING PROGRAM


All dogs are eligible for adoptions without training. Fence yard required.
10% off boarding for life


Negotiable based on dog and home (older dogs or dogs with special needs, fenced yard usually required)

SAVE $1149!

INCLUDES our 14 day OFF LEASH EXPRESS program, valued at $999; difficult to place dogs that may have behavior issues that have not been responsive to training, but will still make great companions when matched with the right home; only expense is the cost of a remote training collar at $200) - READ MORE ABOUT THIS TRAINING PROGRAM


Complete our adoption application (PDF Version - it's long! online is best!). It usually takes our volunteers just 1-2 business days to process your application.
Once you are approved, we will set up a visit (by appointment please so that we can be available for you) to our facility to visit with the dogs that meet your preferences based on your application. You can visit more than once if you need more time to help choose a new companion.
Once you select your companion, we may do a home visit.
We complete an adoption contract. Dogs that are not receiving formal training can go home at this time.
For dogs adopted through a training program, we do 2-3 visits/lessons, with the last being the day you take your new pup home. This time frame and the lessons can vary by dog and adoptive individual and family. They can be affected by weather and holidays, but we work hard to get your dogs home as quickly as possible, while completing the training lessons that are important to your new dog and your family.


THIS IS **NOT** your typical "pet store" or group class training.
The result is a dog that you can enjoy in any setting and know that it's safe and a pleasure for everyone it visits with. You will be able to run, bike, hike, camp, garden and just plain relax with a dog that isn't going to run off or cause trouble.

With the exception of seniors and special needs dogs, all of our adoptables receive either our "14 Day Express Off Leash" or "28 Day Ultimate Off Leash" training program, which are available to the general public. READ MORE ABOUT THESE PROGRAMS HERE

If you are adopting a puppy, they will go home with you and then come back around 6-8 months to complete their training.

Our training program includes behavior training, socialization and obedience training. When dogs complete our program, they will walk with you both on leash and off, we have addressed any manners/behavior issues that would cause problems in their new homes and they will come when called reliably off leash. Some dogs do have lingering issues that we fully disclose - the most common is dogs that can jump 4 fences (which is probably why they ended up in the shelter in the first place!).

When you come out for lessons, our typical lessons are: 1) leash walking, 2) gate and door manners, 3) coming when called to all family members and sitting upon arrival, 4) going for a walk off-leash with family and staying safely in the general area and returning immediately when called.

Your new dog is ready to go home when we've completed the lessons and both you and we are confident and comfortable with your new pup's relationship and response to you and your family.

Our adoptions with full service training include a dog that is:

Spayed or neutered
Current on all vaccinations
Clear of parasites (heartworm, flea, tick, worms, etc.)
Current on all parasite prevention (heartworm and flea/tick prevention)
On a high-quality food
Fully assessed for temperament and behavior
Crate trained
Fully trained through either our "14 Day Express Off Leash" or "28 Day Ultimate Off Leash" training program (normally $999 and $1749 respectively) - for dogs eligible for training

These adoptions also include:

Private lessons prior to adoption and UNLIMITED private lessons as needed once adoption is complete (for dogs that have completed training)
20% off boarding at our home-based facility for LIFE
Unlimited access to us for advice and assistance for ANYTHING you need in relationship to your adopted dog

The nature of our rescue program requires that dogs are with us typically 2-3 months from the time we take them into our program. During this time, they are living in and around our home with a variety of other dogs, cats, cows, people and general activity. We are assessing them 24/7 so that we know them very well and can confidently help you make the perfect match for a new companion. And we are training them daily (once they are happy and healthy) to prepare them for adoption.

We understand that some people are shocked by this adoption fee.
Please understand that this is NOT about making money. We care for 70 or more dogs in our program on a daily basis. All of our dogs are here typically 2-3 or more times longer than most rescues in other programs. We feed them high quality food, administer parasite prevention and provide food, toys, bedding, crates and a staff that helps care for them while we assess their behavior and temperament and conduct training. ALL of the proceeds from our adoptions go directly back to our rescue program. NONE of the adoption fee goes to us for training or boarding.

Our adoption fee for the 28 Day Off Leash (which was our only program at the time we started the rescue) was originally set by taking a traditional adoption fee of $250 and then adding our commercial training program at half price (687.50 back in 2009). We originally offered the training as an option. Almost every adopter did the training. The few that didn't were calling with behavior an
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Paramore Pup 1: Joey

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Paramore Pup 1: Joey

Paramore Pup 1: Joey

  • Hound
  • Baby
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