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Nova the Bearded Dragon Reptile Bearded Dragon Neenah, WI

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Meet Nova the Bearded Dragon

Nova the Bearded Dragon
?? Meet Nova the Bearded Dragon - Seeking a Loving Home! ??

Hello everyone, I'm Nova, the charming Bearded Dragon in search of my forever family! ? I found myself at J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue on 4/16/24 because my previous family is embarking on a new adventure to Utah, and unfortunately, I couldn't join them. But fret not, because I'm ready to embark on a new journey with a loving family right here!

Nova is my name, and spreading joy and cuddles is my game. ? I'm a gentle soul who enjoys basking under the warm sun and exploring my surroundings. With the right care and attention, I'll be your loyal companion for life!

Adoption Details:

Interested in welcoming Nova into your home? ? Simply fill out an adoption application on our website here: and let's make some magic happen!

Care Tips for Bearded Dragons:

? Habitat: Provide Nova with a spacious enclosure that mimics his natural habitat, including basking spots, hiding places, and climbing branches. Keep temperatures around 95-100°F in the basking area and around 75-85°F on the cooler side.

? Hydration: Bearded Dragons need access to fresh water daily for drinking. Additionally, misting Nova's enclosure can help maintain humidity levels, especially during shedding.

? Feeding: Offer Nova a varied diet consisting of leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and live insects like crickets or dubia roaches. Dust food with calcium and vitamin supplements to ensure he gets all the nutrients he needs.

?? Lighting: Provide Nova with a full-spectrum UVB light to help him synthesize vitamin D3, essential for calcium absorption and overall health. Maintain a regular day-night cycle to support his natural behavior.

? Handling: Handle Nova gently and confidently to help him feel comfortable and secure. Start with short handling sessions and gradually increase the duration as he becomes more accustomed to you.

Let's find Nova the perfect forever home where he'll be cherished and adored! ?? #AdoptDontShop #RescueDragon #BeardedDragonLove

Care Guide
Care guide from Reptifiles:
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Nova the Bearded Dragon

Nova the Bearded Dragon

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