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Murt the High-Orange Map Turtle Turtle Mississippi Map Turtle Neenah, WI

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Meet Murt the High-Orange Map Turtle

?? Meet Murt the High Orange Map Turtle - Looking for a Loving Home! ??

Hello everyone! I’m Murt, a beautiful “high orange” map turtle with vibrant markings and a lot of love to give. ? I came to J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue on 6/1/24 at the Exotic Pet Surrender Event in Beloit. I was surrendered because my owner abandoned me, but I'm hopeful to find a new, caring home.

Adoption Details:  There is no adoption fee for Murt as they are a Wisconsin Native species.  They were hatched in captivity though and would not make a good candidate for rehab and release.  

If you're interested in adopting Murt, please fill out an adoption application on our website here: and let’s find me a perfect new home!

Care Tips for High Orange Map Turtles:

? Enclosure: Provide me with a spacious tank or pond, ideally at least 75 gallons. Map turtles need both water to swim in and a dry basking area. Ensure my habitat includes a secure lid to prevent escapes.

?? Water Conditions: Maintain a stable water temperature between 72-78°F. Use a reliable heater and thermometer to ensure the water stays within this range. A water filter is essential to keep the water clean and healthy.

? Basking Area: I need a dry area where I can bask under a heat lamp. The basking temperature should be around 85-90°F. UVB lighting is crucial for my shell and overall health, so provide a UVB lamp that mimics natural sunlight.

?? Diet: I love a varied diet! Feed me a mix of turtle pellets, leafy greens, and occasional treats like live or frozen insects and small fish. Ensure my diet includes calcium and vitamin supplements to keep me healthy.

? Habitat Decor: Provide decorations like rocks and driftwood in my enclosure to create a natural and stimulating environment. Ensure there are hiding spots and shaded areas to make me feel secure.

? Water Quality: Regularly clean the tank and perform partial water changes (about 25-30% weekly) to maintain optimal water quality. Monitor water parameters and ensure the tank environment is safe and comfortable for me.

? Enrichment: I am an active and curious turtle, so provide enrichment opportunities like varied tank layouts and occasional new decorations to explore. Live plants can also add interest to my habitat.

Let's find Murt the perfect forever home where he'll be cherished and well-cared for! ??

??????? #AdoptDontShop #RescueTurtle #MapTurtleLove
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Murt the High-Orange Map Turtle

Murt the High-Orange Map Turtle

  • Mississippi Map Turtle
  • Adult
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