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Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary

854 State Highway 270
Hartville, WY 82215

Our Mission

The mission of the Kindness Ranch is to provide a sanctuary and place of rehabilitation for animals who have been used in laboratory research while fostering compassion for all animals.

Consistent with our mission, we work to rehabilitate our dogs and cats in a home-like environment. Cats and dogs at The Kindness Ranch live with their human caretakers in spacious yurts specially designed to meet their needs. They receive round-the-clock care to help them adjust to their new lives.

The Kindness Ranch also provides an adoption program for all the animals we can rehabilitate. Those who are too debilitated, old, or ill to be placed in a loving home can remain on the ranch to live out their days, surrounded by caretakers and volunteers who put the animals’ well-being first.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets