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Fayette County Animal Control Center

513 Shelter Rd
Fayetteville, WV 25840

Our Mission

The Fayette County Animal Control Center is a county facility which is managed by the New River Humane Society, Inc.   

Animals that are housed at the Fayette County Animal Control Center are strays, abandoned, neglected or abused animals, or they are pets animals that have been surrendered to us by their owner.  It is important that the animals here get adopted or go to rescue groups because we must always try to keep room for more animals coming in.

Adoption Policy

***Due to the high volume of inquires we receive daily, questions about specific cats and dogs will only be answered once we have an application on file***

To start the adoption process please click the appropriate application link below to access our adoption questionnaires. Applications are processed as quickly as possible. Please understand we have a small staff and applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

We almost always have a large variety of adult dogs, puppies, cats and kittens to choose from.  Finding your new forever friend should not be hard to do.

Typical adoption fees for all animals are as follows. **Adoption fees for purebred, small breed, designer or high demand pets are subject to higher rates and are determined by management.**

Puppies (6 months old and younger): $150

Dogs (older than 6 months): $125

Kittens (4 months old and younger): $95

Cats (older than 4 months): $85

Adoptions include age appropriate vaccinations, deworming, spay/neuter and Rabies vaccination. If at the time of adoption the animal is too young to be altered, a voucher will be issued that is to be used at a participating vet office when old enough. An additional fee of $50 is required if the animal is not altered at the time of adoption, but the fee is returned once we receive proof the procedure was completed within the specified timeframe.

Puppy/Dog Application:

Kitten/Cat Application:

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