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Fayette County Animal Control Center

513 Shelter Rd
Fayetteville, WV 25840

Our Mission


The Fayette County Animal Control Center is a county facility which is managed by the New River Humane Society, Inc.   

Animals that are housed at the Fayette County Animal Control Center are strays, abandoned animals, neglected or abused, or animals which are surrendered to us by their owner.  It is important that the animals here get adopted or go to rescue groups because we must always try to keep room for more animals coming in.

We try our best to get our critters adopted or into rescue, but it always seems that there's just too many animals and not enough homes for them.


Adoption Policy


We almost always have a large variety of adult dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens to choose from.  Finding your new forever friend should not be hard to do.


All adoptable animals are given wormer and their first shots here at the shelter.  Rabies Vaccinations are not part of our routine shots, the adopter is responsible for this vaccine.  After adoption, you will receive an appointment for your adopted pet's spay or neuter surgery at your choice of 6 vets.  The New River Humane Society pays for this surgery.  You do have the option of having the spay or neuter done at the vet of your choice, but you will then be responsible for the cost.


It is a law in West Virginia that any animal adopted from an animal shelter, animal control, or humane society is spayed or neutered.


When adopting from The Fayette County Animal Control Center, you must show a valid driver's license or stat

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