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Adoption Policy

Hello, I'm Ashley. I am the adoption Coordinator at the Cats House at Help for Animals!
We do have a few policies that we have to be able to adopt one of our adorable critters.

Help For Animals may refuse to adopt any kitten to anyone at our digression to any household we deem unfit.

No animals will be adopted to a residence where pets are not allowed. HFA may request that the potential adopters who rent provide their landlord's information. Adopters may expect follow-up phone calls from HFA to assure the pet is fitting into the household. These calls are not meant to interfere or disrupt the new "family", but to offer support to ensure the transition with the new pet is a smooth one. Give your newly adopted pet a chance to adapt to its new home. Some animals adapt quickly, while others may take several weeks or longer to adjust.

Same day adoptions are no longer permitted. We feel as if the adopter needs to come back to the adoption center 24-48 hours after you come in for the first visit. We want our cats/kittens going to a home that is 100% positive they are ready to commit to this responsibility.

Adopters must provide adequate shelter, food, water, and medical care at all times. This includes vaccinations and annual wellness checks. The pet will be given all available vaccinations prior to adoption. If pet needs further vaccinations, adopters will be required to bring them back at specific times to have them vaccinated. If the rabies vaccination was not given prior to adoption, a certificate for a free rabies will be given at the time of adoption to be done at HFA.

All animals have been sterilized, wormed, vaccinated and examined by out veterinarian. We have made every effort to provide a healthy animal for adoption. However, an animal may develop some type of unforeseen problem. WE ADVISE THAT YOU CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN TO THE BEST CARE POSSIBLE IF A PROBLEM ARISES.

When adopting a cat/kitten, potential adopters must have their own carrier, or purchase a cardboard carrier before leaving the clinic with the new pet. Cats and Kittens must be kept INDOORS only. HFA does not permit adopted cat/kittens to be taken as outdoor pets. An adopter must wait SIX months time to have a pet declawed. This is to give the pet time to fit into the household. Some cats/kittens do not destroy furniture if given the proper toys and scratching posts.

ADOPTING A PET IS A LIFETIME RESPONSIBILITY! If some unforeseen problem arises and you can no longer care for the pet, it must be returned to Help for Animals. NO REFUNDS OF ADOPTION FEES WILL BE MADE.

Ashley Johnson: 304-736-8555(w) or 304-412-1506 (c) 8:30am-5:00pm

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