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Our Mission

Our mission: spay/neuter of outdoor cats in the Sparta area to stabilize outdoor cat populations and prevent cat/kitten suffering. When resources allow, we remove kittens and friendly adult cats from the streets and adopt them into homes. Since our start up in 2015, our program has spayed/neutered over 950 cats and found homes for over 400 kittens/cats.

Adoption Policy

$75.00 donation for adoption. Potential adopters will also need to complete an adoption application. All kittens must be spayed/neutered when old enough (4-6 months of age). If adoptiong from the Sparta WI Area, we will cover alteration cost if done through our program. If adopting out of area, we will donate $60.00 for male and $75.00 for female which will be given directly toward vet clinic of your choice.

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