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Our Mission

Texas Rescue Riders appreciates our community's support in bringing dogs and cats from rural Texas into loving homes in the Midwest. Our amazing rescuers in Texas save these animals off the streets, where there is a severe pet overpopulation problem due to cultural differences and year round temperate climate.

Texas Rescue Riders is an all inclusive rescue- we rescue first hand, nurse back to health, provide veterinary care, transport and adopt them out on our own. Our journey may begin in Texas, but it lives on in the north with our amazing adopters, fosters, volunteers and collaborating businesses.

We are bound by our love of these precious souls who have joined their forever homes - and by those homeless dogs and cats whom we have not yet met - but who are waiting for their chance at happily ever after.

Adoption Policy

Texas Rescue Riders follows the National No Kill Advocacy Guidelines, which recommend conversation based adoptions and education to find a good home. Ensuring a good home doesn’t require excessive arbitrary rules. Adopters have many options when it comes to finding their new best friend, and making the decision to adopt rather than go to a more convenient pet store or breeder shouldn’t be a difficult process.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets