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OPCA Shelter Network Alliance, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI

Our Mission

OPCA Shelter Network Alliance, Inc (OPCA) is an all-volunteer, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to aiding shelter poodles & poodle-mixes live enhanced lives by working collaboratively with shelters, rescue organizations, dedicated individuals and groups. OPCA is organized exclusively to function as an animal welfare organization to promote the health, safety and psychological wellness of individual animals.

Adoption Policy

The vetting process for potential foster or adoptive families starts with a completed application, followed by an in depth phone interview, applicant(s) personal and veterinarian reference checks, home visit, and in person meet and greet between the dog and the potential foster or adoptive family.

Under no circumstances does OPCA ship dogs. Prospective adopters must follow OPCA's adoption process, come meet the dog(s) in person and travel with the dog personally when released to the adoptive family.


OPCA SHELTER NETWORK ALLIANCE adopts canine buddies to a person or family willing to provide loving forever homes, in which the dog’s health, well-being and temperament is taken care of responsibly.

We believe that adopting a dog is a commitment to the lifetime of the dog. Because we take pet guardianship seriously, we will carefully check your references and statements. Not every person who applies and desires to adopt a dog from OPCA will be qualified for their chosen dog.

OPCA is committed to providing safe and happy homes to our rescued pets. We ask that each interested adopter complete our adoption process fully. Dogs are matched to families based on the dog's needs and personality; not in the order applications are received.

All steps below are required of all potential adopters.

1. Download and fill out the OPCA adoption application completely.

2. After we receive your completed application, you will be contacted to schedule an in-depth telephone or Zoom interview. If you are applying to adopt a specific dog, you will be notified if your application is a good match for that particular dog’s needs.

3. Your vet reference, personal references and grooming reference will be contacted.

4. Once OPCA's Adoption Committee approves your application to move forward, you will be contacted for a home visit. All members of the household must be present during the home visit.

5. Introductions: After the home visit, if the Adoption Committee believes you and/or family may offer a loving home environment, a “Prospective Adopter(s)/Pet Interaction” appointment is scheduled. This “meet & greet” allow both you and the dog a chance to get acquainted and to assess if this is a good fit with the dog’s needs and personality. Chemistry is everything!

6. Once all above is completed, and the adoption is approved by the Adoption Committee, an adoption agreement between you and OPCA is executed.

7. Congratulations! Welcome your new family member!

All dogs adopted through OPCA leave spayed/neutered, having had fecal exams and de-worming (if necessary), heartworm testing, micro-chipping, vaccinations, grooming and any other necessary medical procedures.


2 years and under: $750
3-6 years: $600
7-10 years: $500
11 years and over: Adoption fee waived.

Senior Poodle Adoption Program
Adoption fees will be waived for anyone who adopts a senior dog 11 years or older. The Adoption Process still applies.

There are many wonderful pups looking for forever homes. We look forward to getting to know you through our adoption process.

OPCA Shelter Network Alliance Team

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