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Almost Home Cat Rescue MKE

Milwaukee, WI

Our Mission

Mission - To be a safe haven for all feral, stray, and surrendered cats until their forever home is found

Vision - To be a resource to the community, for its cats and the people who love them.

Values - Providing thorough vetting and assessments of all cats and kittens in our care. Matching adopters to a pet that fits their needs and a pet to a home that is conducive to their wellbeing. Community connections, engagement and education for the betterment of our feline companions.

Adoption Policy

-We require that all of our adopters be 21yrs+. All adults 18yrs+ must pass a basic background check.

-Landlord checks and pet limits and policies are preformed when necessary. City pet limits are assessed.

- Current pets, must be up to date on vaccinations and routine wellness and veterinarian information provided.

- Potential adopters must provide 3 personal references.

'Almost Home MKE has a strict no declaw policy, and believes strongly in healthy, safe, alternatives to declawing.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets