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Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary Inc.

Green Bay, WI

Our Mission

Our Vision: To create a world where the life of every companion animal matters…Every.Single.One.

Our Mission: To increase humanity's capacity to care for its companion animals.

Our Work: These five pillars guide the success of our mission.
Spay & Neuter
Sanctuary (Lifetime Care)

Adoption Policy

Adoption is a huge deal to us. We make a lifetime guarantee to our companions. In return, we’re asking you to provide a lifetime commitment once you’ve invited a pet to join your family. We’re excited that you're considering adoption. We look forward to working with you to find the right match!

Our primary objective is to assure the correct match for the people and the pets that we’re sending to their forever homes. Our goal is to send dogs and cats home as quickly as we can, while still being thorough. Processing times will vary and are largely dependent on our ability to connect with your references, landlord, and veterinarian. To keep the process moving along, please make sure you’ve done your part:
1) Fill out your application completely - missing information slows down the process.
2) Let your references know to expect our call.
3) If you rent, let your landlord know to expect our call.
4) If you currently have pets, ask your veterinarian to be prepared to release your records.

We make a pact with every animal that enters our care: They’re promised a loving home for the rest of their life. In turn, when you make the commitment to adopt, we ask you to make a lifetime commitment. We believe family is forever.

WI license 268238 (Marion Sanctuary), 411918 (Green Bay Adoption Center)

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Recommended Pets