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CASA (Crawford Area Shelters for Animals), Inc.

PO Box 338
Ferryville, WI 54628

Our Mission

Crawford Area Shelter for Animals, Inc. is an all volunteer, no-kill animal rescue group that has been working to improve the lives of animals in need since 1999.

The mission of CASA is to provide shelter for homeless and unwanted animals in the Crawford County area, and to assist in placing them in good homes. Further, we seek to reduce the numbers of such homeless animals by raising public consciousness about pet overpopulation, pet adoption and the humane treatment and care of animals."

This mission statement was written in 1999 when CASA first started. At that time there were no other animal-rescue resources in the county or in some adjacent counties. For years CASA has been an all-volunteer, no-kill animal-foster program, a clearinghouse for lost-and-found animals and has helped people wanting to rehome animals to find adopters. Because Crawford County hired an animal control officer in 2014 and since then there is an actual physical facility for dogs and cats in Prairie du Chien, CASA is less active than it used to be. Although we have very few foster people at this time, we still occasionally accept foster cats and dogs when requested by Animal Control or if a found animal has no other options and we have the foster room. Recently we've offered assistance to people who have taken in a stray cat or dog by helping with spay, neuter, vaccination and emergency costs.  

If you are looking to adopt a companion animal or have questions about local resources, CASA encourages you view our pets by clicking on the link all our pets to the left or call us at 608-648-2461. Thank you for your support over the years and we hope to continue to help Crawford County animals in need.

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets