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Tumbleweed Cat Rescue

West Richland, WA

Our Mission

Tumbleweed Cat Rescue is run by a small group of dedicated and hard-working volunteers that aim to provide foster care, transport and adoption services for Tri-Cities felines in need. Our focus is on reducing the time animals spend in kennels while also promoting use of public shelters for lost/found animals. TCR intakes cats and kittens from animal control agencies in order to promote:

- Local jurisdictions collecting accurate data on cat overpopulation
- Getting cats out of small kennels and into foster homes
- Animal Control Officers and local Authorities handling cases of animal neglect and data on the individuals and neighborhoods habitually having stray and unwanted animal overpopulation/repopulation.

Adoption Policy

Please fill out the adoption questionnaire and we will give you a call to arrange a meet and greet!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets