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Lady and The Cats

Vashon, WA

Our Mission

Save lives, prevent litters, play kitty matchmaker. Please note: if you have found a stray or need to relinquish a kitty, please contact your area shelter. Please refrain from contacting us for rescue as we are home-based-and so our space and funds are limited. Thank you.

Adoption Policy

Before adoption, all of our foster cats are spayed/neutered, dewormed, vaccinated, including rabies, microchipped and all medical needs addressed.

Once a potential adopter had submitted a completed application, the next steps are: phone or Zoom conversation and then in-person visit.

If both parties decide to move forward with adoption, then we deliver kitty to adopting home.

Unless adopting home already has a resident kitten/cat, or for unusual circumstances, our policy is to adopt kittens in pairs or triples! Moreover, we adopt bonded adults together.

We are highly selective and aim to place kitty in home that works both for kitty and adopter, e.g., shy kitty not adopted to a lively home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets