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Our Mission

The purpose and objectives of Furry Friends shall be to help homeless, relinquished and abused cats by:
• Spaying or neutering.
• Providing medical care and foster homes until permanent placement of these cats into safe, nurturing homes.
• Educating the public regarding the care and responsibility of cat ownership.
• Collaborating with other pet rescue and companion groups to accomplish a no-kill status in the State of Washington.
• Offering senior visits/pet therapy to persons in nursing and assisted living facilities.
We are a no-kill, all-volunteer cat rescue that is funded by both individual and corporate donations; and as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, donations are tax deductable. Since we are a no-kill operation, that means we spend a large amount on medical procedures and medications for the cats in our care.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Fees:
$130 for a single kitten under 1 year of age
$100 for a single cat over 1 year of age
$25 senior discount for a person 65 and older and a cat that is over 5

If you adopt more than one, you will receive 50% off the listing cost

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets