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Dog Rescue Around Washington

Tacoma, WA

Our Mission

Dog Rescue Around Washington was formed in 2004 by four women involved in rescue who have like-minded values and a passion for the dogs in crisis in this world. We do not have a shelter, and instead rely on a network of volunteer foster homes. Almost all of our dogs are hand-picked from surrounding shelters, in Washington and Oregon - dogs at risk of euthanasia. Our goal is to put as many temperamentally sound dogs into responsible homes as possible. To achieve that goal we take our time  getting to know each adoptable dog, socializing and training them as needed. We see to any medical need that presents itself, from the basics to the extreme.

We specialize in dogs that are particularly at risk due to age, breed, or overpopulation. Many of the dogs in our rescue are here simply because they had no other options, and nowhere else to go.

We consider those who have adopted from us family. We are here to help for life. Adopting from us gives you someone to call in crisis

Adoption Policy

A completed application is required prior to meeting our dogs as they reside in private foster homes. A home check is ALSO required prior to adoption. We do not have a shelter and all services are volunteer provided with our own time and funds.


Our adoption fee's vary depending on the dog and adoption requirements. Minimum is $50 and maximum is $350. Adoption fee includes vaccinations, spay or neuter, microchip, deworming and flea treatment as well as all vetting. A general breakdown is puppies are $200 to $350, adult dogs are $100 to $250, senior dogs are $50 to $100.

Dogs whom adopters are required to enroll in immediate obedience classes or dogs who will have chronic veterinary needs are often greatly discounted. We will also give you a referral to a trainer who will also give you a discount.

You can download an application by clicking on the link below Application.rtf

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