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Our Mission

MustLuvBoxers Rescue
is a certified non-profit 501(c)(3) organization Federal EIN #46-4391597 striving to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted and abandoned Boxers in Washington State, Oregon, and surrounding areas throughout the Pacific Northwest. As an all volunteer boxer dog rescue, every penny brought in through donations and fundraising directly benefits Boxer dogs in our program.


Adoption Policy

Locations we serve:
We are currently accepting applications from residents in Washington, Oregon and Northern Idaho (close to the WA border), and some areas of Canada. While we serve the majority of these areas, in some cases we cannot find a volunteer to home check certain areas of these states. For that reason, your application may be denied.

Same Sex Dogs in a Household:
Our rescue does not adopt dogs out to households that already have a dog of the same sex. This is due to increased aggression and dominance issues among same sex dogs. This also applies to dogs who are frequent visitors in your home. In some cases, we allow dogs with a 9+ year age difference to be placed in the same home.

Application Types:

Below you will be asked to select what type of application you would like to submit.

Adoption Application: you are interested in adopting a rescue dog who is in foster care.

Foster-to-Adopt Application: you are interested in fostering a dog for a three week period with the intention to adopt. If you decide the dog is not a good fit, you will continue fostering until the dog is adopted out through the standard adoption process. This process requires you to be on Facebook to interact with our support group after your application is processed.

Foster Application: you are interested in providing a safe, structured and loving home for a rescue dog until they find their forever home through the adoption process. All supplies and medical expenses will be covered. This process requires you to be on Facebook to interact with our support group after your application is processed.

What to Expect When Fostering or Fostering-to-Adopt:

There is no perfect dog when fostering. Each dog that comes into foster care has their own unique personalities, many that just need love and care to work through undesirable behaviors. Most of these dogs have never had a safe, secure or loving home like you will be providing them.

We will never ask a foster to take a human-aggressive or a dog with extreme behavioral issues. Those dogs go to our seasoned fosters or trainers.

Every dog that comes into MLBR will have different quirks or issues; whether it be needing a single dog home, medical, crate and potty training, working through their fears, crate rotation, etc.

Crate training a dog is not a punishment. Utilizing a crate in the home creates a safe space for the dog to decompress.

Each dog will have different comfort levels, and not all are going to be social, which is okay; it doesn’t mean they’re not adoptable.

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