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Our Mission

Every dog. Wanted.

Our Mission:
Path of Hope Rescue exists to rescue pregnant dogs and puppies under six months old. We set them up for the best possible life by careful screening of adoptive homes, continuing education and resources, and training incentives to keep dogs in the home for life. While we believe in saving every dog that is conceived, we spay and neuter all of our dogs to ensure that we do not contribute to massive overpopulation that results in hundreds of thousands of dogs euthanized every year across the country.

Our Vision:
Shelters will no longer have to euthanize due to overpopulation. Someone who wants a dog would be able to rescue one or go to a breeder without guilt or shame because every dog is wanted and here on purpose.

Our Plan:
1. Saving dogs who are at risk of euthanasia, living a life of neglect or abuse.
2. Preventing dogs from ending up in the shelter system or being "re-homed" by ensuring proper home placement and incentivizing training to prevent common causes of owner surrender. All dogs are adopted with an Adoption Contract that protects our dogs for life.
3. Spaying and neutering every animal is "non-negotiable" with our Contract, so that we end the cycle of overpopulation

Adoption Policy

Please visit our website and refer to the “Adopt” section for the complete Adoption Process and Policies.

Here is a brief overview:
- Application
- Review (please wait 7 days before checking in)
- Phone Interview
- Meet and Greet
- Home Inspection and In-Home Trial
- Adoption Contract
- Finalization!

Not ready to adopt? Have you thought about Fostering? Path of Hope Rescue is always looking for fosters. Find out more information here:

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Recommended Pets