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Dachshund Rescue NW & Dachshund Club of Spokane

Spokane, WA

Our Mission

Click on View our Pets to see our available dogs. Our mission is to take in dogs that need more training and place in well screened homes with folks who know the breed or place sweet ones with folks who are new to dachshunds. We have now placed over 3,000 dogs since we opened in 1991. We also plan fun wiener events here and folks can see those on our rescue's Facebook page under Events.

Requirements: 1. Secure fenced yard. 2. No children under age 8 3. Patience to allow dogs to settle in for three months or more and time to train them. 4. Some knowledge of the breed or mix you want to adopt. 5. Be aware younger females rarely come to rescuers or shelters. 6. We are not breeders so pups are very rare.

How do we adopt? DO NOT fill in the Petfinder form please. Click our foster dog's photos by clicking the VIEW OUR PETS button then please READ the dog's bios on each dog before calling or emails us. If you read the bios then it will tell you about the dog's personality and how to start our adoption process. More details below about adoption policies when we match dogs to the right homes once our adoption paperwork is filled in. Thanks.

Adopters are always welcome to visit here once we match dogs to their new homes or when they need us to find their dogs a new home, but we do need appointments in advance so no one is chomped.

Adoption Policy

Thanks in advance for reading below before calling or emailing us on our adoptable dogs. How do we adopt? Please scroll to see our adoptable pet photos under View Our Pets button then click their photos to read the dog's bios on how we start our adoption process. Visitors who want to adopt are welcome once our adoption waiting list form is filled in then we set up appointments once we match dogs to their new homes. Folks who just email us after seeing our cute dog photos are sent back here to this page to start over and read first:

This rescue is all volunteer run since we opened on April 11th, 1991. None of us receive a paycheck. We run the rescue because we adore all dogs especially dachshunds. We are a small, couch based dog rescue near Spokane, Wash. and folks need to come here to adopt when we do not meet in parking lots nor do we ship them.

Once we have an adoption application form filled in then we will email folks back Sorry we do not text. We do answer 500+ emails and about 20 phone messages a day about the rescue so please read the dog's bios and our web site first BEFORE getting in touch. Thanks for that. It's hard to talk on the phone with yelling wieners but if folks leave a message we call back when we can.

We adopt to fully fenced yards in town so no apartments, condos, town homes or invisible fencing. Our breed of hunting dogs do need to run off leash and are too loud and protective for buildings with shared walls. We do adopt to country homes without fencing when there is enough space for dog zooming.

We always place our rescued dogs to kids age 8 and up. Many dogs we get into our rescue are already not fond of small kids and/or have already chomped people. Not all are aggressive but this breed is bred to bite and hunt badgers and wolverines so they do not make great babysitters for your kids. Sorry we do not make exceptions when we promise to find the best homes where the dogs are their priority and not young kids.

We are not breeders so we rarely have any pups here to adopt so we aren't the ones to ask about buying any pups also. Thanks.

We aren't associated with any other dog rescue in this region even if folks are told that. We recommend a local animal shelter, when they often have adoptable dachshunds or send their bratty ones to us for retraining before we place them.

We pull dogs from all over the Pacific Northwest from shelters or direct from their past families for retraining and socializing with our 100+ volunteers before placement.

Please screen and research anyone selling or adopting their dogs (or any animals by going to their home to inspect them. You can avoid many fake animal; rescuers or puppy mills posing as rescuers if you do NOT buy in parking lots which is illegal in many counties in this region.

Again, we do not ship our dogs. Folks need to come to the rescue near Spokane, adopt from us. Puppy mills ship their dogs so please be aware of that and buy local first when you can inspect their operation and relatives of dogs you are buying. Do not buy in pet stores either as many are bred by puppy mills too.

Do you want to come volunteer or visit us? We always love visitors here when we have 3,000+ visitors a year now with appointments in advance so no one gets chomped. The dogs play free here until they are placed in their last homes.

We post daily on our Dachshund Rescue NW (DRNW) Facebook page and post all our adoptable dogs there first before placing them on any adoption sites like this one. Please like our DRNW page and join the fun.

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