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CL Boston Terrier Rescue Foundation

Seattle, WA

Our Mission

The CL Boston Terrier Rescue Foundation is here to Save the Lives of Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier mixes.
Looking to rescue dogs at risk of abuse, needing medical care, the abandoned, shelter dogs, assist families that can no longer care for them that need to surrender them, retired breeding dogs that are being released by the breeders. Regardless of age or health we will be there for them.
We provide an opportunity for these dogs to have medical care and be placed in safe & loving homes.
Assist Boston Terriers and Boston mixes in need of safe haven of rescue. This occasionally stretches to other breeds-NO DOG will be left behind if in an abusive or bad situation, or Bonded pair. We require that our Rescue adhere to this format while taking in dogs for the adoption process- We require an extensive application, a home visit with interview , a Veterinarian reference-We require an adoption contract- As well the contract requires the dog be returned to rescue if for any reason adopter can no longer care for it or it does not work out to fit with their family- they may not rehome it themselves.
We take in the dogs regardless of age, or health-We are an in home foster based rescue group. Fully Vet the Dogs and evaluate behavior and needs prior to putting them up for adoption, so as to match them with the Best possible Forever Homes. We also want to educate and provide support the humane treatment of animals- Be their voice, stand up for them when others will not.

Adoption Policy

Our policies are stringent- and we do not approve every application.
An extensive application is the first step to be considered. We do not adopt to homes with children under 6 yrs of age.
We do in home visits -interview with the entire family- check out their home and yard. We call the Vets office for a reference to see what type of owner they have been with pets in the past and care they have provided. No dogs are allowed to be adopted into homes that have any unaltered pets. We require and adoption contract- and if for any reason it does not work out there is a clause stating the dog must be returned to the rescue.
We match the dogs with a family that is the best possible fit for the dogs needs.
There are no exceptions to any of the above -

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets