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6Dogrees Rescue

Seattle, WA

Our Mission

6dogrees Rescue is a small 501c3 Dog rescue focused on rescuing dogs from high kill facilities in CA. We rescue local dogs also. We are a foster beased only rescue meaning we do not have a facility. 6dogrees is a 100% small volunteer group priding our care on quality over quantity rescuing. Our focus is to save dogs that end up in high kill shelters due to no fault of their own. The dogs we rescue receive full vet care, quality dog food and lots of love from our fosters,until a forever home is found. We do not sell dogs. The proccess to adopt  from us, requires a online adoption application to be submitted online at We will review and contact you w

Adoption Policy

When looking for your "best 4 legged friend" keep in mind that the dogs 6dogrees saves are last minute "red listed "euthanasia bound "shelter dogs" there is very little known information on the dogs regarding the history of the dogs we save. 800 dogs per day die in the California shelters 6dogrees Rescue saves "red listed" death row dogs. A good percentage of these dogs end up on the euthanasia list by no fault of their own. Pet stores selling dogs, backyard breeders, & puppy mill dogs are a big part of the problem. As they breed these dogs the less desirable dogs are discarded. The dogs end up in the streets and shelters. Lack of spay and neuter, a

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