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Our Mission

Rescue senior dogs, ages eight and over, who have been abandoned in shelters through no fault of their own or owners who may no longer care for them due to medical reasons or death. We will provide a lifelong loving and safe environment and keep them comfortable and healthy till the end of their journey here on earth. Educate pet owners on starting a savings account and creating a will or trust that includes long term care for their pets.

Adoption Policy

We require the person(s) to fill out our adoption application at, open the foster page, and you will find the application there.
We require at least three references and check each one of them. We do a home visit and check the home, fence, yard, neighborhood out.
The people must foster the dog for 30 days. We have a foster parent handbook which we go over and the people sign that stating that they have read it and understand it. During the 30 days we will be in constant contact as to how things go, make adjustments, training, medical needs as things come up.
After the 30 day foster we go over our adoption agreement, answer any questions and sign the agreement
We will only adopt to residence of Oregon or Washington.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets