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Nowruz Animal Rescue Group

Ridgefield, WA

Our Mission

There is a sign hanging on my house front door with a note " Saving a dog won't change the world but, surely the world will be changed for one dog". There are more than 200 million stray dogs worldwide according to the World Health Organization. The lives of these homeless dogs are generally very short and very difficult, especially in countries with limited resources dedicated to animal welfare. Giving a safe and happy home to every dog needing help is my priority. It is rewarding seeing families adoring their new furry babies and the pups get a chance to live a life they all deserve.

Adoption Policy

The adoption process is foster to adopt to make sure the pet and family are a good match for each other.

Once a pet is posted for adoption the families interested to adopt will fill up an application form online providing three references and to which vet you will be taking your pet to. After reviewing the application, the good candidate will be selected for a phone chat. If the talk goes well, a complete home check will be arranged to make sure the living arrangement is suitable one for the specific pet chosen.

After house inspection, a meet and greet will be scheduled with the family and pet either at house or other secure location. After one or two meeting family members can discuss their decision. Meanwhile all their references will be checked.

Once the family confirms their desire to move ahead with the foster to adopt, the pet, along with it's belongings like collar, leash, food, treats and toys will be taken to new home. We ask family to remain in touch having their pet. If you need our help we are just a phone call away to reach out.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets