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Our Mission

We are foster based so meets can happen 7 days/week since we do not have 'office hours'. It is up to the foster and adopter to make a mutually agreeable time.No adoption events at this time.

We were doing adoption events at Pet Works Olympia again! Come see us the 4th Sunday of the month at noon. At Adoption events we do like it if you can wear a mask and we do need an application to adopt.
Please do apply and visit the dog with the foster so you still get to meet even if you can't make it to an event.
We have a few volunteers and also some dogs aren't fostered in Olympia, WA so not all of our dogs/pups will be at every event. So please apply:

You can use that link to apply. Thank you.

Adoption Policy

Please understand we spend all of our available resources and time saving dogs from death. We are all volunteers. Please fill out an application if you have an interest as then we can approve you to adopt any pup/dogs from us. There is no point in sending in an inquiry w/o an application, as we cannot consider someone or have them meet a dog until we have approved your application. You can ask questions in the application. We think we are most reasonable to adopt from, all we ask is you will provide a loving and supportive home as a pet guardian for the dogs entire life. If something major unforeseen occurs you will always return the dog to us, never to a shelter or anyone else. If the dog is ever to go anywhere but back to us, we do need to approve that person/family beforehand.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets