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National English Shepherd Rescue

24300 Chenal Parkway #1 Little Rock, AR 72223
(admin only; dogs fostered nationwide)
Olalla, WA 98359

Our Mission

National English Shepherd Rescue's mission is to see that no English Shepherd is unwanted, unloved, or destroyed for want of a good home. The key pieces to this mission are:

-Rescuing purebred English Shepherds from euthanasia at animal shelters in North America in order to give them a second chance for a good life

-Rescuing, at the request of owners, purebred English Shepherds from homes in North America

-Counseling dog owners on behavior problems to prevent dogs from needing to be rescued

-Working with the English Shepherd Club to educate both breeders and potential English Shepherd owners about the need for socialization, training, and mental as well as physical exercise

-Educating shelters and other rescue organizations about the English Shepherd breed

-Working with shelters and other rescue organizations to rescue part English Shepherds and dogs of unknown pedigree who are sufficiently of the English Shepherd type to be considered adoptable as English Shepherds.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets