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Critical Care Kitten Coalition

Lacey, WA

Our Mission

Our mission here at CCKC of Lacey is to save as many kittens as possible from being needlessly euthanized, while teaching on the importance of spaying & neutering as well as responsible breeding (the reduction of kitten mills). We want to make an impact. Through the power of social media, we provide everything for these babies and soon-to-be last-time mama's. We want to make kittens more of a demand than an overabundance supply, which has, for too long, been allowing them to fall into the wrong hands. We want to save lives so that they are loved and cared for, the way they should be.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters are screened, first doing a "light" background check, then interviewed over the phone. If they are determined to be safe, then they are invited to make an appointment to meet the potential family member. During the meet, we have a conversation and I observe their body language as well as the kitty of interest. I expect and encourage questions by the potential adopter. To me, if they don't ask questions, that's generally a red flag. And all adopters are expected to keep the kitties indoor-only, with the exception of allowing them out in an enclosed catio.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets