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Our Mission

Our mission here at Critical Care Kitten Coalition is to save as many kittens as possible from being needlessly euthanized, while teaching on the importance of spaying & neutering as well as responsible breeding (the reduction of kitten mills). We also accept high-risk pregnant cats (e.g. cats who have been abused, have health issues due to being grossly neglected, exposed to drugs, anything that can effect the health of the queen and her kittens). We will bring her and her unborn to the best health possible, preferably before she gives birth. We have an ultrasound machine here at the coalition so we can observe her kittens growth and development, and during labor, we're also able to verify all her babies have graced the world with their presence.

We want to make an impact. Through the power of social media, we provide everything for these babies and soon-to-be last-time mamas. We want to make kittens more of a demand than an overabundant supply, which has, for too long, been allowing them to fall into the wrong hands. We want to save lives so that they are loved and cared for, the way they should be.

When we get a chance, we also get out in the thick of it with TNR (trap neuter return). However, caring for the ultra-sick as well as doing spay & neuter runs for our organization as well as a low-cost option for the low-income in our community, this all keeps us very busy as we are [currently] an organization of 1.5 (myself and my spouse)

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters are screened, first doing a "light" background check, then interviewed over the phone. If they are found to be safe, we invite them to make an appointment to meet the potential furry family member.

During the appointment, we have conversations, which I look for specific questions, and I observe their body language as well as the kitty's whom they are interested. I expect and encourage questions by the potential adopter. To me, if questions are not asked, that's a red flag.

We've spent a LOT of time, money and heart into saving these lives, we are not looking to just shove them out the door to the first interested party. We match-make to ensure these babies are going to a loving home who is ready to commit to a 10 to 20+ year relationship.

All adopters are expected to keep their new family members inside-only, with the exception of allowing them out in a safe and enclosed catio.

If you think you're able to fulfill these requirements and would like to give one of the stricter adoptions processes a try, find a kitty you believe you would like to meet and complete out Adoption Inquiry form and we will have a conversation.

By the way, we will always have an adoption fee. We try to stay competitive with regular rescues, however, due to the costs of the various medical expenses as well as the popularity of certain breeds, we might be a bit more. If you don't see an adoption fee listed under a certain kitty, please do not assume they are free. I assure you; none will ever be free of charge. Please ask.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets