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Red Waggin Rescue

P.O. Box 81
Kirkland, WA 98083

Our Mission

Red Waggin' Rescue is a Washington-based non-profit organization. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for abandoned dogs and cats in need, ensure healthy pets through pet food education and strive to cultivate the younger generation’s love of animals and build a community where animals are valued and celebrated.

Red Waggin' Rescue is a foster-based rescue with no permanent shelter. We were founded in 2012 as a foster-based 501(c)(3) Non-Profit (EIN 45-5455943) that grew out of a need for the City of Connell located in Eastern Washington State that was without a proper animal shelter and no pet rescue services.

When dogs and cats come into our rescue, we provide routine and emergency veterinary care. While in one of our caring foster homes, they will be provided socialization, training and quality food while our adoption team finds them a loving forever home.

We are 100% funded through adoption fees and donations. We have rescued thousands of animals with he help of our network of volunteers, fosters and adopters throughout Washington State.

Adoption Policy


1) VIEW - Our adoptable dogs and cats on

2) ADOPTION APPLICATION - Complete An Adoption Application located on our website.

3) PHOTOS - Email photos of your residence to

4) VETERINARIAN BACKGROUND CHECK - We contact your current and/or previous veterinarian. Please notify your vet that Red Waggin' Rescue will be calling to verify your vet care history.

5) MEET & GREET - If your application and vet checks are approved, we will contact you to schedule a meet & greet.

6) HOME VISIT - If ALL agree that the animal and adopter are a good match, we will a schedule a home visit to review vet records, sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.

Please allow 5 - 10 days for responses, as we are a small rescue with part-time volunteers and do our best to answer as quickly as we can.

Dog/Puppy...$400.00 - $600.00
Cat/Kitten...$225.00 - $325.00

- Basic Dog or Cat Vaccinations
- Rabies
- Bordetella (dogs)
- Dewormer
- Flea & Tick Treatment
- Spaying - Up to $400 for Dogs & $300 for Cats
- Neutering - Up to $300 for Dogs & 200 for Cats
- Microchip & Registration

Red Waggin' Rescue has a 7-day Money-Back Trial Period for every animal adopted. We are quite good at matching pets to homes and have a lower-than-average return rate.

*Please note: While we do our best to keep the site up to date as soon as an adoption is complete, we cannot guarantee that a pet will still be available for adoption if listed on our site.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets