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Munchie's Place for Homeless Pets

Kent, WA

Our Mission

Munchie's Place is a privately funded foster based Rescue run by volunteers. Our mission is to give homeless, neglected or special needs pets a chance at another life through rescue, rehabilitating and re-homing. We want to help educate and bring awareness to proper animal care, fostering and the importance of adopting in your community.

Adoption Policy

* Our team is located in King County with 4 local meetup spots. Maple Valley, Black Diamond, Covington and Leah Hill, that adopters can meet us at.
* As of Sept 16th 2023, we have transport volunteers able to do adoption meetups from Vancouver to Everett (along I-5). Feel free to inquire about our transport services.

* We cannot do adoptions for OR, ID or Canada residents due to requirement of a CVI for traveling over state lines.
* We do not adopt out to Eastern WA residents at this time.
* We do not do adoptions to those living on collage campuses due to the collage campus pet policy and ESA policy in the state of Washington for rodents.
* We also will not adopt out to collage students choosing to leave their animals in their parent or guardians care while they're at collage.

Our Adoption Process:
* Must be a WA state resident.
* Contact us under the pets "petfinder ad" to begin your inquiry. An email response will be sent to you.
* Once we've received your inquiry, you'll be asked to fill out an application.
* You must be 18 years of age or older or have a parent/legal guardian apply to adopt.
* We have two parts to our process, a written application and an enclosure inspection of your setup for small animals.
* We have species requirements that must be met in order to adopt. This info can be found within the application itself or will be given to you upon your inquiry.
* If your application is fully approved, we will go over our meetup arrangements with you. Meetups happen after you're approved and not prior to applying. All animals are in foster homes, we do not have a physical location for viewing the animals.

Our Holding Policy:
* Holds will occur if a person meets our requirements in the written application part of the adoption process. Reminder that multiple people may inquire for the same animal, so whoever is approved first will get to secure a hold. Once they have secured a hold, a time frame will be given to them for the animal they're interested in during the second half of the adoption process. If a person fails to pass the full adoption process within the time frame given, their hold will expire and the next person can secure a hold. We only issue one hold per person and do not make exceptions.

What to do if you're not fully setup for an animal?
* We encourage you to be set up for an animal before inquiring. If you need more time to gather supplies, we ask for you to hold off on submitting your written application till you're nearly ready or fully ready.

What if I'm looking to surrender?
* We recommend to directly contact us if you have an animal you can no longer care for (Email listed below). We only take in Hamsters, Gerbils and Mice. You must fill out our questionnaire first before being approved to surrender. Depending on the time you inquire, we may have a wait list or are completely full with no ETA on when we can accept intakes.

We respond via email Monday - Friday.
* We are a small volunteer team, please be respectful when inquiring for an animal.

Adoptions ONLY:


Ways Donate:
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WARNING: If you end up ghosting/flaking while inquiring or surrendering an animal, we will discard your application. Failure to inform us you've moved on or failure to inform us you no longer wish to surrender, in a timely manor, will result in an automatic ban of future applications. This includes those who've backed out one too many times, people who lie in our application or people who've tried to get around a ban. Our time is valuable and an animal means commitment. Please note if you're rude/unreasonably mean to our volunteers, you will be banned.

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