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Our Mission

Rescuing huskies & super mutts from where they are very less likely to be adopted and rehome.

Adoption Policy

1. Basic Questions on family/lifestyle/experience with dogs. For the huskies, we do look for a home that can understand and work with their unique personality (desire to wander, urge to pull and run, easily bored, have their own mind, stubborn - “what is in it for me” attitude, not very patient with children, to name a few).

2. Meet and Greet with adopter and adopter's pets. There may be additional video calls.

3. Adoption application completion (six pages).

4. Reference Check calls (friends, veterinarian)

5. Multiple Meet and Greets if needed.

6. If we decide it’s a good match, then the next step is to sign the Adoption contract. With a 3 week trial period to ensure it’s the right home.

Please note, we accept multiple applications for a dog, and try to select the best match. We do not rush adoptions.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets