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Our Mission

Mission statement:

Giving 2nd Chances to Adult & "Adoption - Challenged" Cats. Taking the Time to Find Forever Home. Helping ensure no pet goes hungry.

Kitty Kat Haven is an adult-only, cage-free, no-kill 100% volunteer-run organization. We specialize in giving adult cats who are considered adoption-challenged and adult cats with special needs a second chance at life. We also operate a local pet food bank to support our community.

For more information about Kitty Kat Haven, visit our website at

Adoption Policy

Kitty Kat Haven will be “CLOSED” for all business from Sept. 16th - 25th. No one at Kitty Kat Haven will be checking voicemail, email, or FaceBook. For information regarding our programs and donation, please visit our website.
Thank you for your understanding, Valarie.

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