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Because We Care Rescue

Burlington, WA

Our Mission

Because We Care Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit, no kill, foster based, volunteer ran rescue organization located in Burlington WA. We focus a great deal of our time and energy on litters of puppies, and nursing/pregnant Mamas dogs but do not have set “standards” on what dogs or other animals receive our help. We dedicate hours each week to rescuing animals from many circumstances such as shelters struggling with pet overpopulation leading to euthanasia, breeders “cast offs”, neglectful or abusive homes, given up by their owners due to circumstances beyond their control and off the streets in these overpopulated areas in the Southern States.

Our goal is to place animals in loving committed forever homes after a comprehensive adoption process that focuses on finding good matches and making sure our adopters understand the responsibilities and costs incurred through the lifetime of an animal in their family.

All animals in our care are spayed/neutered or under contract with their adopters requiring it done in a certain time frame. We ensure all appropriate veterinary care and treatment for every animal before we send them to forever homes. We are NOT breed specific nor size specific we do our best to offer aid to all different shapes/sizes and health condition dogs/puppies as well as other animals in need.

Our rescue has a lifetime commitment to all the rescued pets we adopt out and require they be returned to us should at any point in their lifetime their adopting family can no longer care for them. We happily offer our adopters any further support needed to ensure their new family member is the right fit.

Finally our hope is to do our part to build a strong community of supporters, volunteers and fosters that value, respect, and treat animals as a part of their family so that this message and life style continues to be spread far and wide. So that some day perhaps there will be no more homeless or abandoned animals in need of rescue.

Adoption Policy

****CANADIAN ADOPTERS**** are always welcome to apply and the adoption process is exactly the same as US citizens. Puppies/Dogs over 3 months old must have a rabies certificate to cross in to Canada with their new family, the rescue will supply this certificate at no extra cost.

**Potential adopters that are interested in one of the pups we have listed through PetFinder have a slightly different process for adoption than our other platforms. **

The adoption process for Potential Adopters via PetFinder for Because We Care Rescue:

1. Follow the link on PetFinder and send us a fully filled out and well thought out application. You can ignore the questions in the beginning referencing the Are You My Human? Rescue Lounge and select “PetFinder” where given the option.

2. If your application is approved you will be contacted via text (or phone call if preferred) within 3 days. If you have not received communication from us within 3 days, you are more than welcome to reach out via our Facebook page this is the easiest way to contact us directly.

**Please remember that we are just human and we are all volunteers, mid-week communications can be difficult as we do our best to evenly spread our time between family, paying jobs and rescue work.**

3. Once a potential adopter is approved the BWC Rescue volunteer contacting them will get them scheduled for a day/time at the Rescue Lounge. All meet and greets are done at the Are You My Human? Rescue Lounge in Bellingham WA. (Less social dogs or longer stay dogs can potentially have other options for where/when to conduct a meet and greet if our volunteers are available to do so.)

4. Every week we go through the applications and on Sundays we do our best to pick the best applicant for each available dog/puppy, please understand that sometimes our dogs/pups get multiple great applications which leaves us with a difficult Who for Who decision. So having an alternative choice is recommended and increases the chances of your family taking a rescue pup home that week. Adoptions are finalized on Sundays at 5pm at the Rescue Lounge, other arrangements can be made but again it is all dependent on the availability of our volunteers.

5. If your family is not chosen for the dog/puppy you applied for, your application will stay on file for up to 30 days so no need to reapply if there is a different available dog/puppy you are interested in in that time. Just reach out to the rescue via Facebook or the phone number you’ve been contacted by if there is another available dog/puppy you would like to meet.

***What to expect at your visit to the Are You My Human? Rescue Lounge?***
R U My Human? Rescue Lounge is a small business built around supporting rescues by offering a comfortable pressure free space easily accessible to the public for available rescue dogs/puppies to socialize with each other as well as potential adopters, it is also available to anyone just looking for some soft ears and wet noses to love on. Each session starts on the hour ( ie 11am, 12pm, 1pm etc), is 50 minutes long with up to 18 people (average session size is about 6-10 people) at a time in the space. The Host will be there to answer any questions about the dogs or process you may have, you can also reach out to the Because We Care Rescue Facebook page.

Once you are inside the Lounge space there will be a variety of places to sit (or stand if that’s your preference) depending on the week there may be as few as 9 or as many as 20 available dogs/puppies in the space, this is not a “one on one” type meet and greet, however if you reach out to them the Host should be able to help facilitate a little “one on one time” with you and the dog/puppy you came to meet if you would like.

Potential adopters who applied via PetFinder and were approved by BWC Rescue will not be required to pay to book a day/time at the R U My Human? Rescue Lounge, their visit will be free of charge. However if you and/or your family are interested in supporting a small business; all dog lovers from all walks of life are welcome to book a day/time at the Rescue Lounge regardless of interest in adopting or application status. **Walk-Ins are welcome but limited to available space. **

Are You My Human? Rescue Lounge
1307 Cornwall Ave
Bellingham WA 98225

Business Hours:
Thursday… 12pm-5pm
Friday……… 12pm-6pm
Saturday…. 11am-6pm
Sunday…… 11am-5pm

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets