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Feral Care is a non-profit feral cat sanctuary. All cats listed for adoption are hosted at The Whole Cat and Kaboodle in Kirkland, which is a cat-only boarding and grooming facility, and most cats posted here and hosted by The Whole Cat are actually up for adoption from one of four other shelters that aren't part of Feral Care.

Our mission, in the context of adoptions in this manner, is to assist our partner shelters in finding homes for cats who might take longer to adopt (elders, special needs, shy) in an environment that's more like a home-in-between-homes. No matter how nice we try to make it here, though, there's no substitute for a home of their own. We become good friends with most of the cats who come through here, making it a sad but happy day every time someone gets to go home, but Goodbye is the Goal. We continue to offer advice and $5 nail trims for cat families, so we like to think this might be enough incentive to get to see our cats again.

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