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Cat Tales Rescue

Bothell, WA

Our Mission

Cat Tales is a 501(c)(3 )Non profit.  We are not a shelter, and all of our cats are in foster care.  So if you are interested in adopting, please read the  Petfinder post carefully to see who to contact.    Cat Tales Rescue is a member of the Community Cat Coalition.  We are a devoted group of independent trappers, rescuers and fosters working to improve the lives of community cats in need. The Community Cat Coalition is not a shelter and does not take in, adopt, or place cats.  However, they do set up adoption events and provide support for the  independent rescuers that work with Cat Tales and other local no kill organizations. As a member of the Community Cat Coalition, we support their policies regarding the placement of cats into lifetime homes.   All cats will be spayed or neutered, treated for known parasites, giving age-appropriate vaccinations and tested for feline leukemia.

Cat Tales is not a shelter, we are a network of foster home

Adoption Policy

Cats are a 15 - 20 year commitment, so we work very hard to make sure that the cat or kitten you are interested in is a good match. We want you to have the right cat! All of our cats and kittens come with a life-time return guarantee.  They can be returned at any time and for any reason. We often recommend a two week trial just to be sure it is a good fit.  We've had people suggest that this is hard on cats.  It is!  But not as hard as being in the wrong home for a decade or more.   Re-homing adult cats can take months or longer, so it is our goal for all adoptions to be for the life of the cat.

Cat Tales cats and kittens will have the following before adoption.

Spay / Neuter surgery
Screening for Feline Leukemia and FIV
Age appropriate vaccines
Treatment for  known parasites [Typically fleas, worms and mites.]

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Recommended Pets

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