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Second Chance Companions

PO Box 2343
Battle Ground, WA 98604
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Our Mission

Founded in 1993, Second Chance Companions is a 501(c) 3 non-profit pet organization dedicated to helping animals in SW Washington and the Portland Metro area.

We are a humane, no-kill organization staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers.

Although we do not run an independent shelter, care for, adopt out, and spay & neuter as many animals as possible. In addition, we educate the community and are always seeking volunteers and resources that help us to accomplish our mission.

Adoption Policy

Although we do not run an independent shelter, we maintain a list with available pets in private homes just waiting to have a family of their own. If you are interested in adopting, and committed to providing a loving home for the duration of a pet's lifetime, we have many who would love to be your new companion.

SCC is not a first-come, first-served organization, as we are looking for the best possible homes for the pets we have listed. Thus, we are not in a rush to put them into a new home ASAP and would rather take the time to find the best homes.

We do our best to respond in a timely manner, but since we have a limited number of adoption counselors and receive many applications every day, this is not instantaneous (currently, it can take up to one week before your application is processed).

If you are interested in finding a pet for your family, it is very important to fill out the adoption application completely. We have been unable to contact a number of prospective families due to common errors such as missing/incorrect phone numbers and email addresses.

It is important to write down the name of the counselor who responds to your application, since we do not have a central location. Counselors are assigned to specific applications, so if you know who you are working with, it will make answering your questions or inquiries much quicker, as we will know where to forward them.

Due to the overwhelming number of applications we receive, we can only accept applications for pets that are currently available.

SCC cannot be held liable for any pre-existing conditions or misrepresentations unknown to them.

Minimum adoption fees:

Kittens (6 months and younger): $150
Teenagers (6 months to 1 yr): $125
Cats over 1 yr: $100
Senior (10 yrs or older) or Lifelong Medical Issues: $50
Senior to Senior adoption: $35
Purebred (with papers): $150 and up

Puppies (7 months and younger): $250+
Dogs over 7 months: $200+
Senior (determined by breed) or Lifelong Medical Issues: $60+
Purebred (with papers): $250 and up

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets