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Our Mission

Juno’s Den is a promise to find loving, responsible, forever homes for dogs that don’t have one. To honor that promise, we connect with other dog lovers, rescues and non-profits around the world that share our promise to dogs that are abandoned, neglected and abused.
One day at a time and one dog at a time, our volunteers are committed to ensure that every dog crossing our paths will be safe and receive the love and care they deserve!
We are committed to raise awareness about dogs and their needs, share the right information and advocate for our most loyal four-pawed friends.
We are a 100% volunteer based non-profit. All donations go to saving more dogs from the streets and are used to pay veterinary bills, transportation, food, training tools and tend to different dog’s needs.
We pride ourselves for giving every dog that crosses our path a second chance at life and a guarantee that they will be loved and respected for the rest of their lives. Our promise stands with our dogs that they will no longer be mistreated or abandoned again.

Adoption Policy

After receiving an application for adoption, there is a 5 tiered adoption process to make sure the dog is a good match with the potential adopter.

Video or in person interview with all family members involved
House inspection
Reference check
Veterinary check
Adoption contract
Final adoption conversation to ensure adopters understand our commitment and our requirement of not transferring ownership of the dog to anyone else in case they can no longer care for the dog under any circumstances. We are committed to always take our dogs back, no questions asked if for any reason the dog can't stay with the adopter.

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