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Long Trail Canine Rescue

Wilder, VT

Our Mission

Founded in January 2011, Long Trail Canine Rescue (LTCR) is an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit, dog rescue organization in the state of Vermont.  We rescue homeless dogs (all breeds) from situations where they have been abandoned/neglected, or are living in shelters and in danger of being euthanized due to overcrowding, as well as from local owners who can no longer provide a home, for various reasons, and are looking for assistance to rehome or surrender their pet.

Now you can find us on Facebook at and on Twitter @LongTrailDogsVT . 

Adoption Policy

Anyone interested in adopting one of our rescue dogs should complete our simple Adoption Application. The application process is simply intended to provide the best possible outcome for both the rescue dog and the new family.  Our goal is to work with potential adopters to make the right match between dog and family to ensure that the relationship is successful and lasts a lifetime. 


LTCR provides ongoing support and guidance to all adoptive homes throughout the lifetime of their new family member.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets