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Boxer Rescue of VT

Montpelier, VT

Our Mission

To provide Rescue and assistance to dogs that are unwanted, endangered, neglected, abused, or in kill shelters, give them medical care, sterilization, microchip, training, love and temporary shelter and then to adopt them into qualified loving homes.



Adoption Policy

Thanks for inquiring!
A link to our application is below.
Please download,
Print out,
Fill in and Sign
-->> THEN please save your application to your device as a NEW PDF file “Renamed as 'your name and the pets name that you’re looking to adopt.'”

-->> PLEASE Send your renamed application & the specified required home verification document to us in an an email ALONG with your full name, complete home address, phone numbers and any alternate email addresses that you may have.... Put that right in the email.
-->>Yes we know this is probably in your application but it helps us to see it in the email as well

-->> When submitting documents write into the email's message field a bit about you, partner, kids, family, prior and current pets, livestock, your home and tell us what about this particular pet appeals to you... (put this all in the email accompanying application & proof pets allowed documents).

-->> Incomplete or unsigned or applications that do not contain housing pet policy proof cannot be processed, so please go over everything to make sure you haven’t missed anything & remember to sign application at bottom. When Applying you must include proof that you own your home or that pets are allowed where you live at same time you send application .

-->> Once form is submitted to us, Please call your vet and advise you have applied to adopt and be sure to request they mark on your chart that you have given permission for them to discuss your files with us.

-->> Also note: One of our volunteers will be calling you & your references from an their personal (anonymous) phone number - we ask if you/they normally screen or do not answer unknown callers please make an exception and answer so that we can get through and interview you & your references. ( please explain this to your references also, inability to reach you or references may slow or stop process)
-->> To ask about one of our dogs:
Please include your full name, complete address, and phone.

About Reply:
-->> Please be patient we are part time volunteers, Kindly allow a few days for a reply. (longer during holidays or busy times like puppy season etc)

-->> About contacting us:
Whenever writing please be sure your full name, address and phone are at the top of every single email, and the name of dog(s) you are interested in. (even if you think we have it already).

-->>How to contact us again:
-->>-->>Please respond to our initial and all subsequent emails by opening our most recent email (wether sent or received) and hit "forward" or "reply" to it and add your new documents, comments etc to the top of the existing email thread.
-->>-->>Contacting us repeatedly through petfinder or starting new emails will delay or halt process of adoption.

-->> To Adopt:
Each one of the dogs we have rescued, has been fully vetted, microchipped, nursed and loved in our homes as honorary members of our families, We believe most of our rescued dogs have been through enough pain, heartache, neglect, abandonment and sadness in their lives before coming to us.
-->> We believe it is our duty to protect each dog going forward, to that end we have certain protocols in place to screen their potential homes and verify their well-being after: Including but not limited to an adoption application, home visit, veterinary history verification, references, proof of homeownership, home owners association pet policies, copies of leases and pet agreements, etc... These requirements are in place to protect all parties involved. (If out of all the applicants for that pet you are chosen then we can all be comforted in knowing the best match was found).

-->> It is our policy that If for any reason adopter can no longer properly care for pet, no longer wants pet, or can not keep pet for any reason, our adoption agreement stipulates we must be notified immediately and Pet must be safely brought back to us in Vermont.

-->> About meet and greets: About Deception:
We verify all submitted or implied applicant information. If you or your contacts have mislead us in any manner or at any time during life of dog your application will be rejected, adoption contract will be voided & we will immediately reclaim possession of dog. Fraud and breach of contract are not tolerated.

We are a small but committed 100% Volunteer donor supported nonprofit boxer dog rescue. Our mission is the rescue, care, rehabilitation, and eventual Re-homing of formerly unwanted, abandoned, mistreated or otherwise at-risk boxers and other breeds to approved homes. ?Please support our mission by volunteering #AdoptDontShop

Note: Due to volunteer time restrictions Incomplete applications or applications that do not contain proof that you own your home or that pets are permitted will not be processed.

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