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Our Mission

The Feline Connection is a non-profit cat rescue operating in the Rutland, Vermont area, a 501(c)(3) charity. Founded in 2018 by Maria Caron. The Feline Connection is a group of volunteers focused on improving the lives of homeless and neglected cats through spay/neuter and release or relocation (TNR), cat community care and management, fostering/socialization, and adoption. We serve Rutland, VT and Washington, NY counties and beyond. We rely completely on donations and volunteers to accomplish these goals.

Adoption Policy

The Feline Connection champions for cats who need homes and we are committed to finding each cat a safe and healthy permanent home. We work to find the best possible home matches for each of our stray, homelss or friendly colony cats based on their unique needs, and the needs of the adopter. We do not have a shelter location, so all of our animals are fostered with families in Rutland County, Vermont, mostly near Rutland. This gives us a unique capability to observe and interact with each cat in a relaxed home environment.

Our conversation based adoption process starts with submitting an application followed by a conversation, vet and landlord check (if needed), and then cats visits and home visits as needed for the perfect match. Pictures of the cat’s new home are always welcome.

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Recommended Pets