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Bunny Lu Adoptions Inc is a volunteer, not-for-profit 501(c)3 domestic rabbit rescue and educational organization located in Virginia. We are dedicated to educating people about the joys of having house rabbit companions and promoting care that will give these companions the best chance at a healthy, long life.
Bunny Lu also provides temporary foster care to abandoned and neglected rabbits and arranges adoptions into loving, indoor, forever homes. While we do not condone the surrendering of rabbits, we understand that providing assistance to those people trying to improve their rabbits quality of life sometimes requires finding a new home for the rabbits.

  • day hours
    Monday 8 am-8 pm
    Tuesday 8 am- 8 pm
    Wednesday 8 am- 8 pm
    Thursday 8 am- 8 pm
    Friday 8 am- 8 pm
    Saturday 8 am- 8 pm
    Sunday 8 am- 8 pm
    By appointment only

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