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Our Mission

Nana & Papa’s Nest, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary. Our mission is to protect parrots by providing a safe haven for those neglected or abused.

We provide all our birds with proper veterinarian and nutrition care and educate the public on appropriate parrot care.

Adoption Policy

The following is required to adopt a parrot from Nana & Papa's Nest, Inc.

Adoption & Foster Process

1. Live within 130 miles of Wakefield, VA. Must be either a Virginia or North Carolina resident.
2. Has not been convicted of animal or domestic abuse,
neglect, or cruelty
3. Agree to home inspection
4. Agree to a background check
5. Agree to attend our education program
6. A US citizen with proof of current address
7. Be 18+ years old or have your parent's permission. Under
18 parents must participate in the adoption process and attend classes

Once the initial application is approved, Nana & Papa's Nest, Inc. Parrot Rescue representative will contact you. The representative will review the adoption process during the phone interview and set your first appointment for the online orientation class.

Once you complete the orientation class, your next step is the meet and greet at Nana & Papa's Nest Parrot Rescue, where you meet the parrots and match you with the best candidate.

At the meet and greet, we will set your subsequent appointments for your background check, online nutritional class, online parrot and veterinary care class, and meetings to visit your bird. Once all your visits and online courses are complete, you can take your parrot home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets