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Our Mission

The mission at Fierce Love Rescue is to save and improve the lives of all species through a unique balance of both adoption and education.

We accomplish our mission by first developing animal-centric adoption and education programs in conjunction with partnerships that meet the needs of our local community. We then build on and expand that work by partnering with people, schools, businesses, rescues, and shelters across the United States.

FLR Objectives:

* To be truly “animal forward.”
* To improve the lives of animals.
* To cultivate a better understanding of a broad range of species by developing educational materials and programs.
* To foster respect for all animals.
* To nurture a positive change in which adults and children work together to improve the welfare of every species.
* To earn a reputation for dependability, leadership, and effectiveness.
* To be transparent in all of our activities and relationships.

Adoption Policy

The first step in adopting an animal is to complete the online Adoption Application. Completing the Adoption Application does not guarantee that you will be allowed to adopt from FLR. It also does not guarantee (should you be approved to adopt) that you will be able adopt a specific animal, as our animals are typically adopted fairly quickly. If at the end of the approval process, you are approved to adopt from FLR, you may then contact individuals fostering specific animals to find out more about an animal and/or to set up a meet.

There are several stages in FLR's adoption-approval process:

1. You complete and submit the Adoption Application.
2. FLR reviews your application, calling your personal references as well as your veterinary references.
3. Once the reference checks are complete, FLR will contact you to schedule a Home Visit.
4. During the Home Visit, the FLR representative will ask to be shown around your home, talk with you about your application, and answer any questions your may have.
5. Once the Home Visit is complete, the FLR representative submits his/her assessment to the Adoption Coordinator for a final decision regarding whether or not your application will be approved.
6. You will be notified when a final decision is reached.

The entire approval process may take between two and three weeks, depending on your availability and our workload. Please keep in mind that FLR is an all-volunteer workforce comprised of people who dedicate some of their free time to saving animals. We try very hard to process each application in a timely manner, but sometimes life gets in the way. If you are concerned about the status of your application, please email the Adoption Coordinator at

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets