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Friends of Campbell County Animal Control (FOAC), in partnership with Campbell County Animal Control and Care

Rustburg, VA

Our Mission

We are volunteers working with the Campbell County Animal Control Facility, to end the euthanasia of adoptable cats and dogs in Campbell County, and to promote healthy pets and responsible pet ownership through adoptions and rescue.

Adoption Policy

All adoptions begin with an application, found here:, under the Animals heading. We review the applications, call references, and will then correspond by email with the applicants. We ask that all other pets in the household be sterilized prior to adding a new pet, and that all pets be current with rabies vaccines.

*Unaltered babies under the age of six months can be adopted only to residents of Campbell County, the City of Lynchburg, and counties touching Campbell County.

*Unaltered adult pets six months or older will need to be sterilized before they can be adopted outside our local area of Campbell County, the City of Lynchburg, or counties touching Campbell.

*We do not promote dog adoptions to homes where an invisible fence is the fencing of choice.

*We do not permit adopted cats to be declawed following adoption.

  • day hours
    Monday 12 to 5
    Tuesday 12 to 5
    Wednesday 12 to 5
    Thursday 12 to 5
    Friday 12 to 5
    Saturday 11 to 4
    Sunday Closed to public unless by special arrangement.
    By appointment only
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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets