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Tres Carabelas Ranch, LTD

Mouth of Wilson, VA

Our Mission

We are Great Pyrenees Breed Rescue. We believe that Great Pyrenees are the best dogs in the world, but with that said, are not for everyone. Great Pyrenees are our passion and to that end we are a refuge, help in time of need, and advocate for the breed. Great Pyrenees are one of the most surrendered breed and this is due to no fault of their own. They have characteristics which make them unique and fascinating, but can complicate the lives of unknowledgeable owners. Our job is to educate prospective owners, counsel, and often times rehabilitiate the lives not only of the dogs, but of the people who are lucky enough to be owned by a Great Pyrenees.

Adoption Policy

We do require applications from prospective adopters with complete information including references from friends and a veterinary reference. Please advise people you will be putting on your application that they WILL receive a call, specifically your veterinarian. Often times they require a release before they will devulge information on you our your file with their clinic. Without verifications such as these, we will not be able to approve your application. Most often a home visit will be required, and we will either send someone from our office, or partner with another rescue in your area if you are a fair distance from us to facilitate the home visit. Most of our dogs are already spayed and neutered, however there are cases when we have puppies who are too young to undergo surgery and we will require that you return the dog to us for spaying and neutering, or will provide you with a stipend which covers our cost to obtain surgery in our area, (usually around $125-$150). You must contact us BEFORE obtaining surgery or any other medical treatments, otherwise we will not cover any veterinary costs which we have not previously approved. A visit to your own veterinarian will be required within 2 weeks of receiving your pet, and proof of your visit to the vet will be required as a condition of your adoption. Should it become necessary to return your adopted dog for whatever reason, approval must be obtained prior to sending the dog back to us, and we reserve the right to require a certificate of health from a veterinarian prior to any animal returning to any of our facilities.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets