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Helping one bunny find it’s forever home at a time while educating the public on bunny care.

Adoption Policy

Interested adopters can reach out to and answer the following questions listed below for us to gauge knowledge of bunny care. We would appreciate it if you could answer the questions with examples rather than just a simple "yes" or "no." If you're a good match, we can then schedule a video call so that I can view the space they'll be living in. They should be free-moving rather than caged (penned) So here are the questions:

1) Do you have any knowledge and experience in caring for bunnies?

2) Are you familiar with the dietary needs, exercise, and companionship needs of bunnies?

3) Is the bunny's living area safe and secure?

4) Are you dedicated to providing professional veterinary care throughout the bunny's life?

5) What kind of home environment will you provide for the bunny that includes playtime and socialization?

6) Do you have other pets at home, and how will you introduce the bunny's adjustments into the household?

7) If an unexpected event arises regarding the adoption situation, what measures will be taken to guarantee the bunny's continued well-being?

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