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Our Mission

Helping one bunny at a time and educating our community on proper Bunny Care.

Adoption Policy

Please fill out the adoption form listed below and note the following Adoption Requirements:

1. Must be 18 Years of Age or Older.

2. Have a current state-approved identification card or driver's license

3. Not banned from future adoptions as a result of a court order

4. If Renting; Must Show Pet Addendum.

5. Must provide Bunny Living Situation. (Cages are NOT Permitted)

5. Applicants may be subject to a Home Check/Pass an Adoption Screening.

6. Pay an adoption fee of $150, plus sterilization/vaccination fees where applicable.

7. If current Bunny Owner; Must provide Proof of Sterilization and Vaccinations of RHDV2

*Ask us about Bonding!*

Disclaimer: Filling out an application does not guarantee that the adoption will be approved.

While we try to respond immediately- we are a small Rescue operation, with limited staffing.

Please allow up to 24-48 business hours for us to respond.

FAQ for Foster Bunnies

Q: What space is needed to house the bunnies?
A: A minimum space of 30”x30”x24” is required for a 5-6 lb. adult bunny, including a litterbox, food bowl, water bowl or bottle, and toys.

Q: How long do bunnies stay with a foster?
A: Bunnies can stay in foster care anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the situation.

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement to foster?
A: While we recommend households with children over 8 years old, it ultimately depends on the level of care the parents are willing to provide. Bunnies require delicate care, and even fostering requires attention to detail. We recommend reading "House Rabbit Primer" by Lucille Moore for more information as it is our favorite book for educating on rabbit care needed.

Q: What if we need to go out of town while fostering the bunnies?
A: If you need to go out of town or if fostering is no longer feasible, you can always return the bunnies to us. We appreciate the time and care you provide during fostering, understanding that it is meant to be temporary.

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