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Fancy Cats Rescue Team

P.O. Box 182
Herndon, VA 20172

Adoption Policy

Once the paperwork has been completed and the adoption fee is paid, you will be able to take your new companion home. You need to provide a carrier for transport. We may contact you after the adoption to follow up and ensure your cat is settling in well. After your cat’s adoption is completed, you are eligible for 30 days of ShelterCare insurance for your new pet at no charge. Go to for more information. The policy will arrive to you via email within 48 hours of your cat’s adoption.

Submitting an adoption application to Fancy Cats Rescue Team does not commit the applicant to that adoption or guarantee adoption approval of the specified or any adoptable cat listed with Fancy Cats. You can complete and submit your adoption application online anytime!

Conditions of adoption:

You must have a valid identification showing your current address and your age. You must be at least 21 to adopt.
If you are renting, we will need a copy of your lease that shows that you are permitted to have a pet and have paid the required deposit. If you own your home, we do verify home ownership.
Fancy Cats Rescue Team requires kittens to be adopted in pairs, or have an age appropriate cat/playmate in the home.
Fancy Cats Rescue Team follows a general policy of adopting kittens to families with children over the age of 7.
You must be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care for a cat.
For the first 30 days, please keep cat(s) separated and confined to one area; you should not expose your other animals to a new cat until you bring the new cat to the vet for an initial checkup.
You must be willing to provide a life-long commitment to the care and well being of your cat. If you cannot make a lifetime commitment (cats can live 15–20 years) to a Fancy Cats cat, please consider adopting from your local shelter whose policies are less stringent than ours.
Fancy Cats Rescue Team does not allow or disallow adoptions based on an individual’s race, gender, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age or disability.
Fancy Cats reserves the right to refuse the adoption of any cat without stating a reason.
Renters, please bring a copy of your lease that shows you are permitted to have a pet with a receipt that you have paid any required deposit once your application is approved and you are coming to meet and/or adopt a cat.

Homeowners, bring a copy of a mortgage statement and utility bill once your application is approved and you are coming to meet and/or adopt a cat.

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