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Blue Angels Advocacy and Rescue Resource

Hampton, VA

Our Mission

We rehabilitate and heal the unwanted dogs.
We advocate and follow up for life on all of our dogs.

Adoption Policy

Meet the pet
Do home visit
Vet check
Personal Reference check /2
Foster to adopt application and day visit
Overnight visit
Two week trial
Back up plan/ Co adopter if adopters are in military.
Back ground checks
Waiver signed to attest they have not been convicted of animal cruelty or abandonment.
Follow up and support

Must own home
Have adequate height fenced secured yard
Agree to sign neuter to spay or neuter if dog is under surgery appropriate age when adopting
All family members must agree to adopting a new canine family member
Must be 21 years of age to adopt
If married both parties will sign adopt application .
One as primary

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets