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Animal Aid Society

80 Butler Farm Road
Hampton, VA 23666

Our Mission

The purpose of the Society shall be to provide to/and or for animals, other than man, shelter, medical aid, care and protection, to act as a placement agency for animals in good health, and to provide education for the humane care and treatment of animals, and to attempt to prevent cruelty to animals.

Adoption Policy

We require an in-person meeting prior to processing an adoption application. If you think one of our dogs could be a good fit, come for a visit! If all goes well and you decide to pursue adoption, you may submit your adoption application. Once your family, including any dogs, have also met with the dog you wish to adopt, your application will be submitted to the Adoption Committee for review. We estimate the pre-adoption process can take up to 14 days or longer.

AAS is committed to finding the best fit for each of our dogs. For this reason, we will accept multiple applications for a dog. In the case of multiple applications, we will select the applicant that is the best fit based on the needs of the dog.

Adoption fee for puppy/adult dogs is $280.00.
Adoption fee for senior dogs is $140.00.

We prefer that adopters be located within 40 miles of the shelter to facilitate post adoption follow up.

  • day hours
    Monday 9am - 12pm
    Tuesday 9am - 12pm
    Wednesday 9am - 12pm
    Thursday 9am - 12pm
    Friday 9am - 12pm
    Saturday 9am - 12pm
    Sunday 9am - 12pm

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