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Our Mission

The purpose of Paws Deep Animal Rescue is to:
1. To help animals who are in danger of euthanasia in overcrowded open admission shelters find homes.
2. To rehabilitate and treat injured and abused animals.
3. To help people find resources to prevent them from having to re-home their pets.
4. To educate the public how to prevent animal cruelty and how to report it.
5. To promote the importance of spaying and neutering.
6. To place rescued animals into permanent homes.

Adoption Policy

The first step to adoption, once you have identified a pet you would like to adopt, is to fill out an adoption application. You can speed up the adoption process by calling your vet ahead of time to give us permission to speak to them in regards to your current and past pets. You will be contacted to schedule an interview and a meet and greet after the adoption contract is approved.. We will need proof of age with a form of ID. Once we have gotten approval that you are allowed to have pets where you live, your adoption application is approved, the pet is altered, and adoption payment is received, only then will the animal be released. Some pets may be able to go home the day after adoption contract is approved others it could be a week. If the animal is deemed too young to be altered we will have the adopter sign a spay and neuter contract. The animal will need to be neutered when it is 6 months old and we will need proof provided to us by a licensed veterinarian. Once there is proof provided, the rescue will reimburse $100 of the adoption fee.
If there is more than one qualifying approved applicant that is a match then the applicant who first inquired will get the opportunity to meet the pet and decide if they want to adopt before it goes to the next person in line.

Note: Some animals will require home inspections or a fenced yard. Applying for a dog does not mean automatic approval. We reserve the right to deny applications.

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